Getting rid of the weakest link in your B2B marketing.

Too many campaigns are a shot in the dark just because they fail to convert to actual sales leads. The reason is often that the campaign doesn't cover the entire customer journey – going from targeting and raising interest to convincing with actual sales benefits. Have a Smart Cocktail to find out more about this!
So what’s a customer journey?
It’s the footsteps taken by your client from not knowing anything about you or your product, all the way to purchase and ultimately even becoming an advocate for your brand. Customer journeys are nothing new, but today’s short attention span it is easier than ever to break the fragile chain if not done right.

Show me my customers.
Remember the last time you bought something expensive? You might not even have known you were in the market for that portable action camera, but somehow you became aware of it by the content in your social circles. 

You were targeted because your online presence is being collected all the time. The same goes for you as a professional, that LinkedIn group you are a part of or the conference you signed up for. But Hey! You can turn the table, using the right tools to find your customers online will ensure you will have a solid link in the chain to begin with. 

Alright, I’ll take a step further.
Going back to the action camera, by now your purchase is, shall we say, under consideration? That’s where great content comes into play. In order to bridge the gap from your post or sponsored message, you'll need something that is easy to digest, like a video. 

We won't bore you with yet more statistics on this, but if you haven't been living under a rock for the past years, videos are proven to move your clients along the Customer journey like nothing else. But there’s a risk of breaking the link between your message and its content.

Make sure that your campaign doesn't slip on the next step.

Don't break the link on YouTube.
While YouTube might be perfect for some lunch time fun, it is full of distractions. You don’t want your potential customer to be lured away from your precious content by a neighboring sports car video or, worse, to a competing product! 

It is a much better strategy to have your content played out on a landing page or a particular campaign site. You can still keep the important sharing and liking that will spread your message, but the visitors are coming to your world and your link to the next step along the journey.

Convince me I am making the right decision!
If done right we have arrived at the important Purchase part of the journey, and this is where things get a bit more complicated for B2B campaigns that often can't rely on emotional values. 

We want to show a clear path from the video to something that can prove the benefits with your product. You want to compare, is this the right solution for me? One way to achieve this is to have the client calculating for example savings or efficiency thereby getting relevant data and the return of investment for their operation. 

Can we have your contact information please?
All that careful work and planning needs to make a connection between you and your prospect client not breaking the link. But first, you will need to offer something interesting like relevant know-how of their particular market or an in-depth analysis of their calculation results. 

By doing this part right, you will have an intact chain of events all the way from raising awareness by the targeted post in social media to having a customer contact information and seriously considering your product.

The customer journey continues after these steps, but what we wanted to show in this post is the importance of first aiming your marketing in the right direction. Then having creative content on your domain ending up with a comparison where your product shines. This approach will ensure you avoid a weak link between you and your customer!

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